Enhancing Autonomous Vehicle Safety


  • Focus on integrating and verifying sensor data for autonomous vehicle (AV) safety.
  • Aiming to enhance AV reliability and safety.
  • Integration of infrared and ultrasonic sensors into AVs.
  • Objective: Ensure the integrity and accuracy of sensor data.

CAD Modifications and Sensor Integration

  • Custom 3D-printed platform designed using Solidworks.
  • Configuration: 3 ultrasonic sensors, 3 infrared sensors, an alarm, and an SD card module.
  • Intentional inadequate calibration of top middle infrared sensors for anomaly checks​​.
  • A simplified control algorithm was developed due to the complexity of the initial approach​​.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Balance between obstacle avoidance and goal-directed movement.
  • Fine-tuning algorithm values for optimal functionality​​.

Implementation and Testing

  • Real-time decision-making based on sensor readings.
  • Algorithm guides movement, obstacle detection, and anomaly response.

Normal working scenario

Failure test scenario

Results and Impact

  • Demonstrated the importance of sensor data integrity in AVs.
  • Enhanced safety and reliability of autonomous operations.

Class presentation slides